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With over 6 years of web coding experience, I have extensive XHTML and CSS knowledge. Every coding I do is completely XHTML 1.1 and CSS valid and always encoded with Unicode (UTF-8) for maximum compatibility.

What makes me different?

Unlike a lot of coders who use HTML, I strictly follow the guidelines set by the W3C, and I use the highest level of the XHTML recommendation. My code is also optimized and organized to provide a clean look and make it easier for you to edit it if you want to change something. I also try to use very little or no javascript, which can makes web sites useless if someone doesn't have javascript turned on, and it can also kill your search engine optimization because search engine bots cannot see javascript.

What don't I do?

I don't design web sites. I don't do it because I am very bad at art and I'm not good with putting colours together.